Science Education

As a science- and technology-based company, Baxter has a responsibility to help ensure that current students as well as future generations have increased opportunity to learn and be inspired by math and science. Baxter embraces this responsibility by participating in education initiatives around the world.

The William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research

The William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research is sponsored by the Baxter International Foundation – it is the highest distinction that researchers in the health services field can achieve. Awarded annually, the $50,000 prize is administered by the Association for University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

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Sigma Theta Tau Episteme Award

Sigma Theta Tau Episteme Award has been funded since 1989 to recognize outstanding research conducted by a nurse. The underlying purpose of the award is to reward nurses who make exceptional contributions to the health-care field. The $15,000 award is given once every two years and is administered by Sigma Theta Tau, the nursing honor society.

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Science@Workreflects Baxter’s commitment to education, especially math and science. Baxter hopes to facilitate learning of math and science through biotechnology education for Chicago Public School teachers and students, and partner with other educational organization to provide similar opportunities in other locations.

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