Core Technical Competencies

Baxter has six “core technical competencies” that differentiate the company and provide competitive advantages in the marketplace. Each represents a specialized area of technical expertise and leadership that gives the company unique capabilities to develop and manufacture products.


Baxter’s work in the processing and separation of blood plasma and its components is at the foundation of many contemporary biologically derived therapies.

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Drug Delivery

Baxter’s drug delivery expertise extends beyond premixed drugs and drug-reconstitution systems to include formulating and packaging injectable drugs in vials and syringes and advanced drug formulation technologies.

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Hardware / Software

Baxter offers unique capabilities in the design, development and integration of hardware and electronic systems and the software that controls them.

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Medical Plastics

Baxter revolutionized blood collection when it introduced the first flexible plastic blood-collection container. Today, medical plastics are integral to many Baxter product lines.

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As manufacturer of the world’s first commercial IV solutions, Baxter applies its expertise in the formulation, production and purification of solutions to develop a variety of therapies.

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Baxter utilizes a range of sterilization platforms to meet the unique requirements and characteristics of its biopharmaceutical, IV and injectable pharmaceutical and medical device products.

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